4 ways to power your productivity


Does this look familiar?
“Hey! How are you?”
“I’m good, just super busy. What about you?”
“Same! So busy! There’s just not enough time for everything I want to do”

We live in a fast paced, multitasking society where being BUSY is something a lot of people take much pride in. However, being BUSY & being PRODUCTIVE are two different things. Being busy became this glorified goal that people aspire to.

You can be busy all day, but my be not productive at all. Juggling a 100 tasks at a time, struggling to get in time to your next meeting and feeling energy depleted is very common for BUSY people.

I have been one of those busy people who would go crazy over their to-do list and would never be able to just BE. I am not saying that doing things is bad. NOT AT ALL. However, having installed some habits that can support your productivity game and allow you to STOP BEING BUSY, is essential.

Also, I believe that the concept of BALANCE IS BS. Think what a flat line means in a hospital room. I wouldn’t really want such a result in my day to day life either. Following the flow of life makes everything so much easier. It allows us to do everything with more ease and grace. Also, trying to balance everything creates stress, resentment, guilt & shame – not to mention that these are some of the lowest vibrational states we can be in. I didn’t manage to meet my friends this week, I am such a terrible friend.  I didn’t manage to cook and clean this week, I am such a terrible wife.

Past are the days when I used to treat myself like a multitasking machine. I see you sista. I used to be the friend, the partner, the daughter, the student, the employee, the visionary, the traveller, etc. all at the same time. I used to beat myself up every time I “would fail” at not being able to BALANCE IT ALL.



As much as I love a good old journal/agenda, there came a time in my life when it wasn’t serving me anymore. Having to carry around a heavy agenda is uncomfortable & making changes to schedules can become messy. 


Once you have everything in your calendar, it is time to organise them based on priority.

If you tend to postpone the uncomfortable, harder tasks this tip will change your life.

This is based on the concept shared by Brian Tracy in his book EAT THAT FROG. In his famous book he shares different strategies on how highly productive people organise their activities. The button line advice is to do the hardest, ickiest stuff first thing in the morning. This one thing alone will get far ahead in your game. I know start my days with the things that I challenge me the most. After I have that done, boy I feel good, I have created momentum and I am ready and excited to start with the tasks that bring me more joy.

There are few categories that he talk about in his book:

  • This you want to do, and you need to do
  • Things you want to do, but don’t need to do.
  • Things you don’t want to do, and you don’t need to do.
  • Things you don’t want to do, but you need to do. (say hello to the frog)


I can actually go on a full on rant about this topic. This screams Andreea all day long. I am still on a journey with this specific topic.

If you have a hard time asking for help, let me tell you that you are not alone. So many people out there, myself included find it difficult asking for help.

Have you ever asked yourself why is that so? It is all coming back to the fact that we put our worth in what we do. If I need help that means I am not good enough. What? I thought that my job is the one thing I was good at. I will struggle and stress until i figure this out by myself.

Sounds familiar? Let me remind yourself that YOUR ARE SO WORTHY ALREADY! YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WORTHY.

If this is one of those EAT THAT FROG moments, just do it first thing in the morning. I certainly put ask for support email in my working schedule.



You may think this is ridiculous, but if it’s not scheduled it will just not happen. Make sure to put in your calendar time for going on walks, yoga, meditation, baking treats, salt baths and all the things that make your soul happy.
If we keep trying to give from an empty cup, we will eventually burn out. Getting out of the house and going for a walk at least once a day is a NON-NEGOTIABLE for me.
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