The view you adopt of yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. Mindsets are just beliefs. They are powerful beliefs, but they are just something in your mind, and you can change your mind

In the Fixed Mindset, it is crucial to be perfect right now. This is crucial because for the people with the fixed mindset one test or one evaluation can measure them forever. They give one test the power to define them. People with the growth mindset know that it takes time for potential to develop. Our mindsets change the meaning of failure. An action (I failed) becomes an identity (I AM A FAILURE). In the fixed mindset the action of failing defines the person. A person with the growth mindset can experience the act of failure like a painful one, but it does not define them. Rather it becomes a problem to be dealt with, faced and to learn from. The EFFORT PROBLEM For people with the fixed mindset effort is only for people with deficiencies, who lack the talent, skills, etc. The idea of trying and still failing paralyses someone with a fixed mindset. You may wonder why is the effort so terrifying? The fixed mindset believes that if you are a genius you should not need to put in the effort.Without effort you can always say: I could have been/ done….[ fill in the blank] The Growth Mindset allows people to love what they are doing even more and to love in the face of difficulties & setbacks. This keeps your energy high, so you vibrate at a high level energy, you keep persevering because a setback does not define you as a person, nor your business or purpose. Funny enough it is the growth oriented people who end up having the highest positions in companies, and in the world because they are the ones who enjoy the ride.

Betty Edwards in her book Drawing on the Right Side of the brain explains how people think drawing is an innate talent because they don’t understand what the learnable components of drawing are. She says the components are the ability to see edges, spaces, relationships, light and shadows. The above photo shows the before and after of some drawings her students did. You can see the results are astonishing. This comes to show that only because some people can do certain things with little effort, that doesn’t mean that other people cannot do it better if they put in the effort

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