My favourite season is summer. I love the warm weather, long days, swims in the oceans, picnics in the parc, lemonade, road trips and even the boiling days when no fan can come to your rescue. But nothing lasts forever and without even realising it the leaves start to fall from the trees and in a few more months winter is right around the corner. 

I enjoy the change of seasons, because there is novelty in it, but after a few weeks in the cold winter days I can say I’m a bit over it. So, I need to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in my house so it can lighten up the cold winter days. I learnt a few tips and tricks from my family in Denmark when it comes to creating a hygge place. Hygge is a nordic concept literally meaning a quality of coziness. Well I need all the possible coziness to get me to through the grey British winter days. 
It had to be number one on the list because based on studies this is what most Danish people will tell you that hygge means to them. Creating a cozy vibe by lighting candles, diffusing some beautiful essential oils (peppermint and vanilla essential oils make your house smell like christmas), baking some cinnamon buns in the oven. 
  • 2. BE PRESENT 
Be here now. It is easy to scroll through instagram and watch series non-stop while it’s dark and dull outside, however find other activities to do that can cheer you up. Board games are definitely very hygge. They bring the family together and they are fun. Knitting is also becoming more and more popular. You can learn a new skill, end up with a beautiful knit and relax at the same time. 
    3. PLEASURE 
This cannot be a “how to hygge” post without mentioning pastries, sweets, cake and hot chocolate. Well anything sweet for that matter. Let’s be honest something indulging does lift up the spirits, and while I don’t think eating tiramisu every single  day of winter will make you very happy when the spring arrives, there are delicious and healthy treats you can make. Why not make some banana bread (it was a lockdown hit, the instagram was filled up with photos), bliss balls, gluten-free gingerbread, apple pie. There are so many healthy treats that will definitely make you happy 


Get yourself some comfy loungewear, heavy socks, a nice cardigan. You want to feel comfortable, relaxed and warm. If you live in a warm place, well I’m jealous. 

Bring out the book that makes you forget the world and disappear between the pages. Take your time, enjoy the story while sipping on a cup of your favourite tea. 


Create different playlists for the vibe you want to create in your house. You can have a slow and chill one, or something that gets you moving and lifts up the spirit. Music heals everything so turn up the volume and relax. Print out some photos and create a photo album. There is something really hyggelig about browsing through an album.


The air may be crispier than usual, it might even snow (or rain if you are in the UK) but getting outside in nature always lifts up the spirits. Winter doesn’t mean hibernating, so getting outside, walking, jogging, or simply going to christmas markets can be a great way to enjoy the colder months. 
We spend more time than ever before indoor, so it’s important we create an atmosphere that is enjoyable. Get your candles ready, bake some cookies and don’t forget to play some music in the background. This sounds like the perfect movie scene, and why not re-create it in your life. 
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