The skin is our largest organ and everything we put on it gets absorbed straight into our bloodstream. We live in a society that bombards us with so many ads, influencers’ photos with the latest makeup trends, skin care trends, etc., however majority of what we find in our drug store shops, Sephora, Super Drug is filled with nasty chemicals.

Let’s take a regular face exfoliator. It comes in a plastic bottle (bad for the environment), contains alcohol and chemicals and the little beads that you think exfoliate your skin are made out of plastic as well. There is no way this type of product is going to benefit your skin in any manner, or your overall health. I have been experimenting with natural makeup and skincare for many years, also I worked for an all organic and natural beauty company. If you are used to purchase cheap drug store products, these products may seem expensive, but I believe in quality over quantity. I don’t need 10 eyeshadow pallets, I’ll rather have an organic one. You don’t need 20 mascaras, buy one and fully use it. You get the idea.

1. 100% Pure

Natural & Organic | YES
Eco friendly |
Recycled packaging
Ethical |
Cruelty free made in USA
Price Range | ££

100% Pure USDA certified organic products contain the very best ingredients and nutrients.100% Pure offers a full line of cosmetics and personal care products. From organic mascara to vitamin C serums and shampoo, 100% pure is a leading brand in organic beauty products.


2. Evolve Beauty

Natural & Organic | Yes
Ethical |
Locally and ethically sourced (each bottle has the name of the person who made the batch)
Price Range | £ – ££

Evolve Beauty is a British natural and organic skincare brand, that makes luxuriously feeling products. The products are handmade in their artisan studio in small batches ensuring the freshness of the ingredients.


3. Pai Skincare

Natural & Organic | Yes

Ethical | All products are vegan

Price Range | £-££

Pai products are made in the UK for people with sensitive skin. All their products are organic and using delicate, soothing ingredients that make it ideal for all skin types, but especially good for people with sensitive skin. They are especially known for their Roseship Bioregenerate Oil and Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.


4. Tata Harper

Natural & Organic | Yes
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free, glass bottles, soy-based ink for printing
Price Range | ££ – £££

Using over 300 raw ingredients, sourced from 68 countries, Tata Harper is one of the leading brands when it comes to natural and organic skincare. On the more luxurious side of the spectrum, Tata Harper believes that the more concentrated the formula the better the results. You can expect each product to be packed with the most natural ingredients and zero chemicals


Natural & Organic | Yes
Eco-Friendly | Cruelty free & non- toxic. 
Price Range | ££

Made in the highlands of Armenia with handharvested ingredients. Nairian creates luxurious products for all skin types, and their stellar product is their sea buckthorn night serum.


Natural & Organic | Yes
Eco-Friendly | Price Range | ££
Neal’s Yard Remedies products are made in the UK. They believe there should be a perfect balance between our outer beauty and inner health. They use only natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. They have a wide range of skincare products you can choose from.

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