The best to do in Oaxaca, México


We reached the beautiful Oaxaca after spending 7 hours in a bus. We decided to take the bus and not fly only to see more of the surrounding landscape. Almost the entire journey was in the mountains and the landscape was worth the 7 hours journey. 

Oaxaca is a city in central Mexico. It’s known for its colonial buildings, many of which are made from green volcanic stone. The central Zócalo square features the Palacio de Gobierno, with colorful murals depicting regional history. Alameda de León square faces the ornate facade of the Catedral de Oaxaca. The 16th-century Templo de Santo Domingo church has a rich baroque interior and an adjoining former convent.

Oaxaca has so much to offer. At the first sight, it seem like there is not much to do there except walking around the zocalo, but actually there is plenty to see in and around Oaxaca. 

1. Templo de Santo Domingo

Address: Calle de Macedonio Alcalá s/n, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., Mexico

2. Museo de las Culturas

Address: Next to Templo Santo Domingo
Opening Hours: 10am-6:15 (closed on Mondays)
Precio: 70 MXN

3. Mercado de Benito Juarez

Probably the most well-known market in Oaxaca City, you’ll find souvenirs and some small snacks in this large, covered area.
Opening Hours: 7am-9pm

4. Mercado 20 de Noviembre

This market is one block south of Mercado Benito Juárez and is full of food stalls and various hand-crafted gifts like shoes, table runners and other embroidered fabric.
Opening hours: 7am-9pm


5. Temazcal Ceremony

It is a Mexican sweat lodge that originated with the ancient people whom habituated Mexico. The ceremony is in a sauna or sweat lodge and traditionally preformed by a shaman who gives you a heated massage using scented herbs. 

6. Hierve el Agua

This stunning waterfall was created by a mineral rich spring. Book a day tour. You can find many affordable tours close to El Templo Santo Domingo. Usually the tour includes Hierve el Agua, a Mezcal factory tour & Mitla tour. 

7.  Mercado de Domingo Tlacolula

The Tlacolula Sunday Market is the largest indigenous market in Southern Mexico.
Opening hours: 7am- pm
Take a collectivo (shared taxi). Tlacolula is 30km away from Oaxaca. It is really worth going. 

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