This website had been at some point a seed of creation. A nudge that kept pushing to be released in another realm, to travel freely, to encounter and interact with more eyes and minds.  So I released it. The seed has grown and changed and I believe will still involve as every seed does.

I was a seed at some point and since I arrived on this earth, you and I  call home, I’ve been growing, evolving and discovering my voice and essence. Born in Romania, spending some of my childhood there and the rest in London, I am a nomad at heart. I love exploring new ideas and concepts, ask questions with the aim of tasting all life has to offer. I look at life as a set of experiments. My feet have roamed the world, so I’ve became a polyglot. I’ve experienced ceremonies by the Ganges, spent my birthday in the Sahara desert, shared jollof with children in Ghana, danced to mariachis in Mexico and woken up to the smell of rain in Medellin.

I am at home when I’m surrounded by people, yet I am equally happy to spend time with myself.  I’ve built a strong foundation in who I am, so I can at all times be rooted in me. Moving around doesn’t mean I am uprooted, it means I’ve come to grow roots in my mind and spirit and not so much in a physical location. I feel most myself when I let the magic of art move through me. At times, it manifests through the words I lay on paper, acting and performing, working in production in films or television, storytelling or playing with acrylics on a clean canva. I am the happiest when I create art, mentor, travel, swim, dance, laugh with friends, share words with a stranger, and walk barefooted.

There are times when I lose myself, my voice, my vision. I feel stiffed and paralysed. I’ve come to learn that time can help me heal and grow only sparingly. If you leave a pot of food on the counter at room temperature it will never hit up, you have to put it on the stove and stir it up. So I started stiring up my life, my mind, my habits and I continue doing it all the time.