Social Media Minimalism


Do you constantly feel the need to check your Instagram, Facebook account or watch a new video on YouTube? Being trapped in the digital world is one of the problems we face in this day and age. It has become more and more common for people to have an addiction to their digital devices.

Minimalism is the art of knowing how much is enough. Social media minimalism applies this concept to the use of digital media.

We all know those zen people who can enjoy a cup of coffee while looking out the window or eat their lunch peacefully without checking their phones. These people seem calm and relaxed, enjoying their time and most importantly they seem to have a clear and peaceful mind. The urge of constantly being wired and connected to the internet creates a lot of noise and does not allow us to just be, think and meditate.

Our brains were not wired to be constantly wired, and through our addiction to digital devices we re-wire our brains to seek more and more of this false connection. The exaggerate influx of information is way more than we can process and absorb, so the surplus is transformed in anxiety. The re-wiring of our brains is dangerous because our brain need to be connected and engaged online in the same way an alcoholic person needs to have a drink.

The goal is not necessarily to be a “minimalist” to the radical sense of the way, but to learn to it digital media to our advantage, and to have it be aligned with our goals and values. Even if the initial goal of social media was to keep us all connected, they’ve been time wasters.

I’m sure you all heard at least one person say they are going on a “social media detox”. When we reach the stage of needing to go on a detox that’s when we know you’ve been abusing our media intake.

I believe in the daily conscious use of social media rather than going on radical detoxes. With that being said, as someone who definitely spends too much time on social media, I have tried deleting the app for 30 days and only download it at certain times of the day when I choose to post something. Habit change is one of the most difficult things to undertake because it is so rooted in us. The first few days feel unbearable, when you get to day 7 you already start to feel a lot better, and when you reach day 15 you already feel unstoppable.

Do you have to delete any apps? NO. But do check on how much information you consume on a daily basis and how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel inferior to others, or you start to lose sense of who you are, then I think reducing the digital intake will definitely help you.

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